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Weddings and Portraits

Because you know you want to get married.  Or run around in an apple orchard with your kids and have me take pictures of it and give them to you all nice and pretty and fun and stuff like that.

Um, so I guess for some reason, I haven't explicitly mentioned this on this blog, although it is in the sidebar.  So, here it is: I, Carin Lilly :), am available for weddings and photos under the auspices of two house photo.   Hooray!  My totally awesome "shutter sister" (okay, I stole that from a website we like), Kirstin LaMonde, and I have joined forces to be the superhero shooters of two house photo, found at, none other than,  Yep.  Its fun and exciting for us, and a lot of work.  Google analytics, anyone?  CMYK vs AdobeRGB?  How's about f2.8 at 60 or f4 at 125?  

But, I am happy.  I really am.  There's something about seeing smiles when someone sees a great picture of themselves or their loved one all printed up nice and spiffy.  Validating.  Silly me, thinking that my art may just make the world a better place... a least for a moment when that smile happens.

So, check it out:

Outside home and studio, there's always something...

Feelin' great! But, anyday :)

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